Fr. left to right:
Prof. Carl-Eric Hagentoft, Anders Brännström, Håkan Frisinger,
Prof. Ingemar Denbratt
Prof. Jerzy Chomiak, Prof. Jin Kusaka, Prof. Per Lövsund

                                                             Photo: AnnaLisaFoto
The Håkan Frisinger award 2012
Professor Ingemar Denbratt receives the 2012 Håkan Frisinger Award
Born 1951, Head of the Combustion Division at Sweden´s Chalmers University of Technology, Professor Dr Ingemar Denbratt´ s area of expertise is the internal combustion engine.
Professor Denbratt has a broad industrial experience through his work including 10 years as a Research and Development Manager for the internal combustion engine technology at Volvo during 18 years. First adjunct professor in 1992 and then professor in 1998, Ingemar Denbratt has been at Chalmers University of technology a driving force in the establishment and the scientific development of the national centre of competence in the internal combustion engine technology, the CERC. He has developed a good and steady cooperation with the automotive industry mainly with member firms within the CERC, and also internationally through several European Community projects. Both his national as well as international collaboration, with the worlds of research and industry have been promoted by the highly advanced laboratories within the internal combustion engine technology that Denbratt built at Chalmers.
Important efforts are now produced through a close dialogue with the automotive industry in order to be able to meet future requirements for the development of environment friendly driving lines with special focus on hybrid solutions. The laboratories are of equally great strategic importance for the vehicle industry and the Swedish subcontractors.

Denbratt's list of publications reports approximately 100 of them, of which approximately 20 are conference papers and about 80 articles in referee-treated scientific journals (most are SAE papers). His publication list is impressive given the fact that he served 18 years in the automotive industry.

The prize was handed out by the Håkan Frisinger Foundation at a prize ceremony and a seminar that took place at Chalmers Hus on April 2013.

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