Photo: Paulo Fridman/Corbis

The VREF, after ten years of contribution to the development of sustainable transportation, summarize their activities and close collaboration with their initiated CoEs through a book.
The VREF is focusing on one coherent programme: Future Urban Transport - How to deal with complexity (FUT). The programme emerged in a context of increasingly-rapid urbanization and heavy motorization of cities, and the intention was to contribute to the development of sustainable transportation systems that also meet the needs of the entire population of a city - including those with the least resources. Solutions at the system level are needed, because a number of components - including land use, city planning, transport system choices and how decisions are made - need to be addressed simultaneously to develop sustainable transportation systems.
Thus far there are eight Centres of Excellence (CoE) established globally, representing a global infrastructure of more than 100 researchers. All CoEs work in close collaboration with traffic and city planners, transport operators, decision makers and interest groups.
This book is a progress report on that work, highlighting examples of findings from this research effort.

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The earlier call dated 131221, Financing Urban Access, Research Director, is now closed for application and the review process is ongoing. 


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