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Urban Freight
Academic studies of urban transport are mainly aimed at people transport. The urban part of freight logistics — sometimes called the problem of the last kilometer - is a more recent area of study within the well established field of freight logistics. While long distance freight nowadays appears to be quite efficient, the urban freight part is probably much less so.
Key words
City logistics; vehicle routing; time windows; vehicle restrictions; sustainability; public policy;
experiment; case study; retail distribution; Freight demand management; Freight pricing; Congestion pricing; Incentives; Carrier—receiver interactions; Dynamic pricing; Urban freight; Dynamic game; Differential variational inequality; urban good movements; freight economic externalities; economic impacts; freight policy

Topics covered by the theme typically include:
1. Understanding the interaction between freight and person transport in urban transport
. the interaction between freight and person transport
. the contribution of urban freight to congestion
. the impacts on overall urban congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, pollutants, noise and traffic safety

2. Role of private actors when coping with freight in the urban transport system
. city logistics — the problem of the last kilometer
. the potential for cooperation between different city logistics actors
. the cooperation between the private actors of city logistics and the increasing of the efficiency of urban freight - interactions and impacts

3. Role of public policy in coping with freight in urban transport
. Study of the traffic regulations and congestions charges
. Role of the freight logistics in the property development - interaction between freight and land use and regulations
. Innovative public policies

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