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METROFREIGHT, the local/global Challenge of urban freight, Los Angeles, USA
A Centre of Excellence for freight in urban transport
Elliot Sclar

The METROFREIGHT USC team will "aim to develop a better understanding of urban freight problems and develop effective, sustainable and implementable strategies for solving these problems," said Dr. Giuliano. The METROFREIGHT team will conduct a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary program of research, education and training, and outreach to achieve the Centre´s goals.

METROFREIGHT is led by the METRANS Transportation Center (University of Southern California, L. A., and California State University, Long Beach, USA), and includes the University Transportation Research Center (UTRC) consortium, City College of New York; the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR), University of Paris-Est; and the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI), Seoul. Non-academic partners representing both industry and government are also part of METROFREIGHT. UPS Corporation serves as global participant.

METROFREIGHT brings together a consortium of leading urban freight transport scholars and key private /public partners to establish a research CoE with the vision to become the global leader in urban freight research, education and outreach, establishing urban freight as a recognized field of international study, building a global network of scholars, and contributing by widely disseminating data, information, results and education materials.

METROFREIGHT builds on many strengths:

  • international reputation of the academic participants;
  • proven, established relationships with private/public urban freight stakeholders;
  • access to unique data sets;
  • established record of multidisciplinary research and collaboration across the consortium;
  • strong leadership and management experience with large research enterprises;
  • support and resources of the member research organizations.

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