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Urban Traffic Management
As cities grow, so does the need to improve urban transport system efficiency. The theme Urban Traffic Management explores ways to improve city mobility building upon existing infrastructure and transport systems. The time horizon for possible implementation is typically short to medium. Examples of important research areas are capacity optimisation of road, street and rail networks. Also important are the handling of multimodal traffic flows, and the challenge to prioritise transport options — both in time and space — in a way that improves the overall mobility.
Key words
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), city mobility, mobility management, congestion mitigation, information technology, wireless communication, signal systems, multimodal traffic management, intelligent transport systems, logistics, urban freight transports

Topics covered by the theme typically include:
Travel analysis
Analysis of access to various modes of urban transport
Analysis of transport systems and travel behaviour
Travel behaviour change
Use of wireless infrastructure and applications for traffic analysis

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Mitigation of road traffic congestion
Macroscopic congestion management
Improvement of multimodal traffic flows at intersections
The role of wireless technologies

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
Assessment of BRT performance
Analysis of BRT policies
BRT design and management

Urban freight transports

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