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Public Transport Development
Public transport solutions play a crucial role in the challenge for sustainable urban transports. Not only are these transports a prerequisite for reaching acceptable living standards for residents with relatively lower income, but they also represent a strategic resource for maintaining the competitiveness of urban regions. As cities grow, there is a need to further develop underlying organisations and transport systems. The theme Public Transport Development present research exploring the potential ways on how to make public transports more attractive for passengers and residents, and in the long run more competitive.
Key words
Benchmarking, integration of transportation systems, best practice, paratransit transports, fare policy, public transport assessment, operational innovations, transit priority, transit network structure

Research covered by the theme typically includes:
Benchmarking and performance assessment
Benchmarking and assessment of public transport systems, including customer satisfaction, economic performance, equitable access
Best practice models for operating public transports, including topics such as access, fare policies, passenger safety etc

Finance solutions
Financing public transports
Comparison of private and integrated PT solutions

Network design
Improved network design
Innovations to avoid bus bunching and eliminate bus bunching

Integrated transport systems
Networked systems of public transport services
Integration of public transports with complementary transportation modes like taxi, car sharing, bicycle
Paratransit transports

Webb & mobile services, driver communication etc

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