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Policy approaches to urban mobility
The starting point for the theme is the forward-looking time perspective. Also fundamental are the increasing needs to change the conditions for urban mobility in a direction that supports the concept of sustainable urban development. Getting the price right for various means of transport may reduce negative external effects while, at the same time, supporting a more equitable urban mobility. More specifically, the theme includes research on policies, instruments and other measures that have the ability to affect the demand of various modes of urban transports directly, and to level the playing field in the long run.
Key words
Policy options, policy challenges, congestion charges, road pricing, parking policy, car use regulation, taxes, transport demand management

Topics covered by the theme typically include:
Challenges and policy options
The challenge of defining and operationalise sustainability;
Models of sustainable development
Integration access, mobility, safety and environmental policies

Congestion charges
Case studies of implemented congestion charges
Evaluation and analysis of congestion charges schemes

Administrative instruments
Evaluation of administrative instruments, for example car use regulation schemes
Parking policy

Research organisations involved in this theme:

No ongoing call.

The earlier call dated 131221, Financing Urban Access, Research Director, is now closed for application and the review process is ongoing. 


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