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Green & Safe Transports
Arising from the recognition that transport systems have been harmful to the local and global environment and to the overall health of society and individuals, this research is directed at quantifying and understanding this harmfulness, and also at identifying and developing ways in which such harmfulness can be reduced or eliminated. Green & Safe Transports also includes research aiming at developing vehicles and transport systems that have the potential to improve the environment — locally and globally — as well as reducing negative health impacts and raise safety standards.
Key words
Energy efficiency, renewable/green energy, hybrid technologies, air quality, road safety, traffic safety, safety equipment, crash modelling, life cycle assessment, lca, sustainable transports, alternative fuels

Topics covered by the theme include:
Climate change
Life-Cycle assessments of passenger transports
Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions

Air Quality
Air quality analysis & improvement schemes
Monitoring of vehicle emissions and fuel use

Road safety
Safety audits of infrastructure projects
Evaluation of road safety factors in urban areas
Road safety for non-motorised transports
Crash modelling and impact analysis on the human body
Design of safety equipment

Green vehicles
Hybrid buses
Energy efficiency in rail transports
Clean vehicles
Alternative fuels

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