Environmental Innovation and the Role of Stakeholder Collaboration in West Coast Port Gateways
All authors:
Peter Hall, Thomas O’Brien, and Clarence Woudsma
Host organisation:
CoE Southern California U, USA
Country: United States of America
Publication year: 2013
Published in:
Research in Transportation Economics, 42, pp. 87-96.
Research theme: Change Processes and Institutional Innovation, Environment and Climate Change, Policy and Planning, Urban Freight
Stakeholders, West Coast Port Gateways, Environmental Innovation
Research article
The paper explores the role of stakeholder collaboration in the adoption of innovations as part of the environmental and sustainability agenda of port gateways. We do this through a comparative assessment of the port of Vancouver, British Columbia, and the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California. An inductive research approach is used to identify and assess the initiation and implementation process behind exemplary innovations. Innovation includes new technologies and processes for handling and moving cargo, mechanisms for planning and policy making, as well as financing, implementing, upgrading, managing and operating infrastructure systems. A relatively new arena for competition on the basis of innovation concerns environmental performance. The conceptual framework and empirical evidence suggest that while there may be intense demand for and supply of innovation in port gateways, the complex dynamics of the logistics chain are such that successful innovation requires conscious involvement and collaboration of stakeholders.
January 2020
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