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BRT Webinar nr9: BRT Station Design in the Urban Context. Documentation now available.

This session of BRT webinar was presented by presented by Chris Van Eyken, on Monday 24th October 2016. Slides and/or video are now available.

In Boston, ITDP US has been working to make the case for building a gold standard BRT network. This city has fallen behind in expanding its rapid transit system to provide all its citizens with a reliable and timely commute. The existing metro system struggles to meet the needs of a growing population and its local bus service is slow and unreliable. The construction of a bus rapid transit system would provide a cost effective means of expanding the capacity of the existing rapid transit system and extending its reach into underserved neighborhoods.

The webinar will present the key challenge to constructing BRT in Boston is the city's narrow streets through examples provided abroad. How can Boston accommodate bus rapid transit on its narrowest streets? How can planners make the case for taking road space away from cars to better public transport systems? How can we take the lessons learned from these systems and others and apply them in Boston?

Chris Van Eyken joined ITDP's US and Africa programs in February 2013. As a member of the US & Africa programs, he has provided technical assistance for bus rapid transit projects in the United States, Egypt, Kenya, and Uganda. In addition to his work on BRT projects, he has contributed to non-motorized transport projects in the United States and East Africa. He holds a master’s degree in urban planning from Hunter College and a bachelor’s degree in international affairs from The George Washington University.


Event: BRT Station Design in the Urban Context

When: Monday 24th October 2016

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