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The Håkan Frisinger award 2007and before
Award 2007

Professor Wolgang Kropp

Professor Wolfgang Kropp, Division of Applied Acoustics, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, has been awarded the scholarship for 2007 from "Håkan Frisinger´s foundation for transport research". He was nominated because of his extensive research activities in the area of tyre and road noise.

Award 2006

Professor Marcus Aldén

Professor Marcus Aldén, Lunds Institute of Technology at Lunds University in Sweden, has been awarded the scholarship for 2006 from "Håkan Frisinger’s foundation for transport research". The main part of Marcus Aldén’s scientific activities has been in the field of development and application of advanced optical (laser) techniques for characterisation of flow, combustion and other high temperature phenomena.

Award 2005

Professor Bo Egardt

Professor Bo Egardt, Chalmers University of Technology has been awarded a scholarship for his research into integrated powertrain control and his dedication to the automotive sector as Professor and formerly as Pro Vice-Chancellor.

Award 2004

Professor Michael Patriksson

Professor Michael Patriksson, from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers University of technology, has been awarded the 2004 Håkan Frisinger's award  for his research on how to optimize flows within transport and manufacturing. His research interest is mainly the variational analysis, which he has applied in several areas.

Award 2003

Professor Bengt Andersson

Professor Bengt Andersson, Chalmers University of technology, has been awarded the 2003 scholarship for distinguished research in basic and practically relevant catalytic processes, including the cleaning of exhaust gases from vehicles.

Award 2002

Professor Dag Wedelin

Associate Professor Dag Wedelin at Chalmers has been awarded the 2002 scholarship for his research on mathematical methods for transportation optimization.

Award 2001

Professor Per Lövsund

Professor Per Lövsund, Chalmers University of technology, has been awarded the 2001 scholarship for his research on road traffic injury prevention. Professor Lövsund has conducted research in road safety since the 1980s and was appointed professor of road safety at Chalmers in 2000. Lövsund heads research within the technical road safety and personally carries out research on neck injury.

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Skills and Tools Academic Short Courses 2022 Pdf, 814.7 kB. (Pdf, 814.7 kB)

This Call is an opportunity for scholars and teachers in sub-Saharan Africa to make a
concrete contribution to strengthening the academic skills of next generation African researchers in fields related to urban transport and mobility

Deadline: 15 February 2022


The VREF invites PhD students and researchers in early stages of their career to apply for a Study Visit Grant to be supported with up to SEK 30 000.

MOBILITY GRANT 2022- MAC-MG 2022 Pdf, 447.1 kB. (Pdf, 447.1 kB)

The VREF invites PhD students and advanced master students from Sub-Saharan African (SSA) universities to apply for a Mobility Grant (MG) to support a visit to another SSA university with up to SEK 25 000.

CALL FOR NOMINATION FOR the Håkan Frisinger Award for Excellence in Transportation Research

The VREF invites universities located in Sweden to nominate candidates for The Håkan Frisinger Award (Håkan Frisingers pris till framstående transportforskare) and apply for a VREF Visiting Researcher Grant for the nominated candidate.

Closed on 2022-03-03.

Read more... Pdf, 233.6 kB. (Pdf, 233.6 kB)

Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarships for Sustainable Transport and Energy Efficiency targets supporting the momentum of Lee Schipper’s contribution to the international policy dialogue in these fields.

This yearly award is aimed at supporting young individual researchers and students in is pursuance.

Call deadline: March 1, 2021 .


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Global Mobility Research

This Meeting of the Minds' blog monthly releases interviews of global transportation researchers from the VREF's Future Urban Transport Program Network.


This CityFix series, produced by the WRI (World Ressources Institute) Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and supported by the VREF, discusses walking and cycling in cities with a special focus on low- and middle-income countries.

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