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Urban Freight Conference: Plan for the future - sharing urban space, updated info

The Urban Freight Platform (UFP) is an initiative on urban freight research based in Sweden and supported by the VREF. The UFP works as a facilitator of academic research on urban freight within the context of the logistics competence center Northern LEAD at University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.

The second international conference organised by the Urban Freight Platform will discuss the complexity of freight transport in urban areas with a focus on the need to share space both at the city and regional level. The conference consists of two parts:

Day 1: Current issues in urban freight research 

Monday 17 October, University of Gothenburg

The day will be organized around a series of presentations of academic papers on the basis of submitted abstracts (in oral and poster form) in short presentations in a number of parallel streams.

Day 2 & 3: Plan for the future – sharing urban space

Tuesday and Wednesday 18 & 19 October, Lindholmen Science Park

The conference will include presentations, panels and break-out sessions to discuss innovative solutions from the perspectives of public authorities, transport operators, shippers, receivers, architects, planners, other industry stakeholders and researchers. We aim for a balanced mix of participants from researchers, business and administrations/cities/policy makers. Session topics include:

  •          How we can plan for better use of space with cities becoming denser
  •          Sharing space for freight and passengers
  •          Off-hour deliveries - international perspectives
  •          The importance of the regional dimension for urban freight
  •          Changing behaviour - lessons learned and new opportunities
  •          How to involve more stakeholders and really make a difference

Speakers include:

  •          Ian Wainwright (Transport for London, UK)
  •          Gustaf Hermelin (Catena, Sweden)
  •          Eiichi Taniguchi (Kyoto University, Japan)
  •          Alison Conway (City College of New York, USA)
  •          Anders Berger (Volvo Group Trucks Technology)
  •          José Holguin-Veras (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, USA)
  •          Hugo Yoshizaki (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  •          Anna Pernestål Brenden (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
  •          Genevieve Giuliano (University of Southern California, USA)
  •          Laetitia Dablanc (Université Paris Est, France)
  •          Patrick Nilsson (TGM/Schenker, Sweden)
  •          Ted Dahlburg (Delaware Valley Reg. Planning Commission, Philadelphia, USA)
  •          Johan Erlandsson (Pling Transport, Sweden)
  •          Bo Hallams (Chairman of CLOSER, Sweden)

Break-out sessions:

  • Digitalization as a driver for logistics service development
    Moderator: Mats Abrahamsson (Linköping U.) and Kenneth Verlage (PostNord)
  • Innovative planning & solutions for sustainable logistics in dense urban areas - The DenCity Project
    Moderator: Lina Olsson (CLOSER) & Sönke Behrends (Chalmers U. of Technology)
  • From municipal to private enterprise - the development of a digital procurement model
    Moderator: Olof Moen (University of Gothenburg)
  • Construction Logistics and smart governance – The CIVIC Project
    Moderator: Susanne Balm (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands)
  • Autonomous vehicles and urban freight
    Moderators: Else-Marie Malmek (Malmeken, Sweden) Anders Grauer (Chalmers U. of Technology)
  • Planning for efficient and sustainable urban freight
    Moderator: Jardar Andersen (The Institute of Transport Economics TØI, Norway)
  • Modelling and data for urban freight planning and decision-making
    Moderator: Ivan Sanchez-Diaz (Chalmers University of Technology) 

Important dates

  • 31st of September  Submission of draft full paper
  • 17th of October  Presentation at conference
  • End of 2016 Submission of full paper for publication in special issue

Details on application:

Event: Conference on Urban Freight: Plan for the future - sharing urban space

When: October 17-19, 2016 in Gothenburg

NB: Due to capacity limits and to ensure a balance of delegates attendance, the conference is by invitation only. An invitation to the conference can be requested here.

If any questions about the conference arise, please contact the conference organizers.

For Further info:

Follow Urban Freight Platform on Twitter and keep yourself updated about the conference: @UFP_Gbg

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