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Meeting of the Minds Webinar: Levers for Improving Transportation for Women in Cities - Data, Security, and Access

This session of Meeting of the Minds webinar will be presented by Heather Allen, Researcher and Consultant, Gender and Urban Transport, on Tuesday December 10, from 09.30 to 11.00 am PST.

Heather Allen - an international expert in gender and transport — will share her global insights into why we need to change how we plan urban transport networks. Women in cities around the world are faced with disproportionately more difficult transport decisions, particularly low-income women, women of color, migrant women, and single mothers compared to men. Certain cities are collecting and using data more strategically than others and developing comprehensive strategies to make gender-sensitive decisions. Her recent research in Buenos Aires, Quito and Santiago resulted in a toolkit for cities. Based on this and her work for the World Bank led SUM4ALL initiative, she will share case studies and emerging best practices for urban practitioners to consider on how to respond to the gendered needs of urban transport with a view to creating more equitable, just and safer cities for everyone.

Heather Allen has more than 25 years international experience and is a highly-regarded expert in gender, urban transport, sustainable development and climate change and she was recently recognized as one of the ‘Remarkable Women in Transport’ publication.
Her career includes working for UITP, the International Association of Public Transport and as Programme Director for Sustainable Transport with the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory’s (TRL) Sustainable Transport Group and has provided technical advisory services for clients on a variety of projects (both EU and International), policies and programmes around the theme of sustainable transport, sustainable development and climate change and contributing to multi-stakeholder outreach programmes.
Recent projects include a major international review of women’s personal security, gender and urban transport and toolkit for cities for the FIA Foundation and CAF (the Latin American Development Bank) based on a study in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador, working in Papua New Guinea for UN Women on public transport reform and gender and is the lead author for the gender companion chapter for the World Bank’s initiative SUM4ALL. She is currently the international gender expert for ADB’s Southeast Asia Transport Project Preparatory Facility in Cambodia.



Event: Meeting of the Minds Webinar: Levers for Improving Transportation for Women in Cities - Data, Security, and Access

When: Tuesday December 10 from 09.30 am to 11.00 am PST

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