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BRT+ Monthly Webinar: Conveyal Accessibility Tool

This session of BRT webinar will be presented by Anson Stewart, on Tuesday 24th October at 08:00 EST.

Although planners have emphasized the importance of multimodal accessibility indicators for years, conventional practice often employs isolated mobility measures that prioritize vehicle speed and throughput. Planning should focus on providing people not just with mobility, but with access to opportunities and amenities, and indicators for evaluating transport’s impact should reflect this focus. One difficulty for such evaluation is that accessibility by public transport can vary widely depending on precise departure time, and quantifying this variability is further complicated for transport scenarios without exact timetables specified.

We present an open-source web-based tool, Conveyal Analysis, that helps users create scenarios and properly account for this variability and uncertainty when evaluating them. This tool accepts widely available data as inputs, and uses cloud-hosted computation to enable rapid feedback on changes at specific locations through interactive isochrones and catchment statistics, as well as region-wide results for high-resolution grids. Weighting these regional results by different categories can give insights into the equity impacts of different scenarios. This tool and its extensions have informed planning decisions and supported stakeholder engagement and communication for a wide range of public transport projects.

Anson Stewart is Project Lead for Analysis and Research at Conveyal. A graduate of the MIT Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Transportation, his dissertation research involved deploying interactive mapping tools for stakeholder engagement and developing measures of urban accessibility that incorporate detailed land-use and vehicle location data. He has collaborated closely with the BRT+ Centre of Excellence and worked with transit agencies in Los Angeles, London, and Santiago de Chile. Prior to his doctoral work, Anson earned master’s degrees in transportation and city planning at MIT. As a 2010-2011 Thomas J. Watson Fellow, he spent a year in Latin America and Africa studying emerging bus rapid transit systems and their impacts on the environment. Raised in Southern California, Anson is a graduate of Swarthmore College, where he received a BA (urban studies) and a BS (engineering).


Event: BRT+ Webinar: Coveyal Accessibility Tool

When: Tuesday 24th October at 08:00 EST

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