How to deal with collaboration and trade-offs
October 15-17 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
About FUT

The Future Urban Transport programme

and FUT Conferences

The Future Urban Transport (FUT) programme — how to deal with complexity — is a research programme financed by the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF). The overarching aim of VREF is to contribute to the development of sustainable transportation systems.
FUT rests on three cornerstones: a number of Centres of Excellence (CoE) that carry out interdisciplinary research — in close collaboration with targeted end users — with the aim of finding sustainable transportation solutions; Smaller Projects that complement the research of the CoEs, and; a number of different meeting opportunities such as CoE Workshops and regular FUT conferences.

The purpose of FUT conferences is to bring together researchers with key stakeholders responsible for urban transportation systems, in settings where the participants can learn from each other and develop new ideas. The conferences are intended to provide participants with an opportunity to analyze and discuss different needs and opportunities to influence future development toward sustainable urban transportation systems. But they are also useful for identifying both the barriers that stand in the way and the factors that are favorable for that type of development.
The 2012 FUT Symposium, Urban freight for liveable cities — How to deal with collaboration and trade-offs, is the 5th FUT Conference. The very first FUT conference, held in 2000, was a pure research conference. Since then, the perspective has gradually changed, toward creating meetings between researchers and practitioners. This year´s event focuses on the agents of change that are likely to be instrumental in forming, implementing and disseminating new ideas, methods, business models or technology.