Problems & Solutions
Mars 28-31 2000
Göteborg, Sweden
The Volvo Research Foundation and the Volvo Educational Foundation are sponsors of research and expertise development within key areas which affect the prosperity of the whole of mankind. In less than one generation, three-quarters of the world's population will be living in cities and urban areas. This will create challenges within transport and mobility which have to be met.

Key questions relating to transport and mobility go far beyond vehicle design. To create an attractive and sustainable urban living space, transport and traffic systems have to be co-optimized with other urban service and supply systems in order to fulfill transportation and mobility needs. If the prosperity of humanity is to be sustained, it is essential to identify the need for transport and mobility and to create appropriate solutions to fulfill them.

Democracy requires the mobility needs of individuals to be successfully fulfilled - as well as the needs of those who cannot afford extended mobility using private means and the growing number of disabled people. Transport and mobility needs have to be fulfilled with a minimum of environmental impact.

The Volvo Foundation's above-mentioned aim is to support the development of knowledge and expertise within the fields that are needed to improve transport and mobility and enhance sustainable cities and urban life. This conference on future urban transport will benchmark the development level aims of the Volvo Foundations.

The discussions identifying the problems at this conference especially areas that lack crucial knowledge will be instrumental in the final decision for future projects to be funded.

At present plans are to increase the total yearly funding for research and education to approximately USD 4-5 millions per year.

The final decision of the 4-5 areas to be prioritized will be decided by the Board of the Foundations following this conference. Further information and instructions for applications can be found after May 8 on our website www.volvoresearchfoundations.com.

Conference Committee

Lars Anell
Senior Vice President, AB Volvo

Bengt Kasemo
Professor, Chalmers University of Technology

Alf Nachemson
Professor, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Göteborg University

Emin Tengström
Professor, Aalborg University

Arne Wittlöv, Chairman of the Committee, Dr hc
Chairman of the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations, Executive Vice President, AB Volvo